Civil Litigation

Extensive array of Civil Litigation with detailed approach. ü

Excellent litigation and negotiation.ü

Naz Law’s team provides you with tactical analysis & settlement discussions; even if your settlement is not viable we defend with our vigorous argument skills.

Naz Law’s profound you by providing high-quality service at cut-throat charges even for high-value claims. Suggesting you with early neutral evaluation, negotiation, conciliation mediation, & arbitration services including both individuals & corporate and with reliable outcome for our clients.

Our Civil Litigation Service includes:

  • Contract & Fraud Litigation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Law, Torts,  & Dissolutions
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Regulatory Compliances

Civil Litigation is means when there is unresolved disputes between two or more people, which is not based on criminal activities where one party expects monetary compensation and the defendant expects remedy for the damages causes.

Our legal team founder Rizwana Nazar, being a barrister & solicitor, she deals civil litigation in her own unique style, that is to resolve the case out of court if possible based on your litigation case, as each case differs. May be an individual or business unit, majority of clients wish to resolve the case fast and at lucrative solution and so Naz Law too designed its motto to work for its clients focusing on people-relationships & Property.

Few notable types of Civil Litigation includes Banking & Finance, Contract forgery, Defamation, Debt recovery, property & professional negligence.

Civil cases are not entitled to be resolved with only court interference, they also can be resolved out of the court, when the case is resolved outside the court, both parities gain advantage to the issue and dispute and when the case it resolved in court the issues will be decided by the Judge. Handling the case without stepping the court is something depended on the extensive convincing skills and previous experience. That’s the reason why Naz Law’s always stand out and process unique.